Best PUBG Mobile Emulators For PC

PUBG basically stands for Player Unknown’s BattleGround, a popular online shooter game mostly played in a mobile version by millions of gamers. However, if you want to play this game on PC, it is easily possible, thanks to the mobile emulators for Android. It will also be more fun and interesting while playing on PC. This article reviews 5 of the best PUBG mobile emulators that you can opt for to play the game on PC.

Best PUBG Mobile Emulators

There are many types of emulators out there, but not all of them can be the best. In this article we, therefore, detail just 5 of the best PUBG mobile emulators, based on our findings:


As one of the most common emulators, bluestacks was developed back in 2014. However, it has served as a very good and effective emulator to use over the years till present. Unlike other emulators, it uses the least space as well as storage in order to function effectively.

NOX Player

Designed just after BlueStacks; this is also one of the best emulators there is in the market. It will also run smoothly and effectively even on computers with the low minimum requirements or specifications as well as Graphics. You can easily be able to set and adjust all controls of a game using this emulator.

Tencent Gaming Buddy

This app was created purposefully for playing PUBG on PC. It will allow flawless gameplay even with low graphics or RAM. It has also been designed with an easy to use user interface as well as perfect gaming controls.

MEmu Player Emulator

Unlike other emulators, the MEmu player also bares Control of mouse as well as a keyboard. Playing the game is also flawless and easy while using this emulator It also provides great efficiency for gameplay.


This is also a great emulator that you can consider using, as it helps connect your android device to your computer Unlike other emulators, your computer, in this case, becomes like the external projector of your mobile device while playing the game. However, it still gives in good graphics and overall gameplay in general.


In order to have the PUBG mobile emulators work effectively on your PC, there are a number of requirements that you need to have. These requirements enable the emulators to work effectively on your machine. They can be listed as follows; Minimum computer RAM of at least 2GB Userspace of at least 100GB Powerful Graphic user interface as well as Graphics emulator.

How to Install and use the PUBG Mobile Emulators

Step 1:

Download the required file and install as detailed: The emulator file needs to be downloaded from a particular source website such that it can later be installed. It is very important to ensure you download the installer from a trusted website.

Step 2:

Load the emulator file with the resources: The emulator may take some time to load due to different loading resources. On “My Apps” section, click on ‘Install Apk’ to install the game as Apk format.

Step 3:

Go to ‘Settings’ then click on Display’ and set the aspect ration to ‘System Default’. Also look for DPI setting and change to high and the; engine’ to Open GL.

Step 4:

Ensure to select the number of cores for your computer as well as the RAM, so that you can exit the settings. This enables your computer to be fully compatible in running the emulator App. You will now be ready to play the game flawlessly. You also need to ensure your computer controls are working effectively to control the game from your PC.

Final Verdict

PUBG is definitely a great game for mobile, and especially on PC since it comes with good graphics and also entertaining gameplay. Hence the means to enable one play it on PC using emulators came up. What is more, it is also fast and easy to play as well even on PC when using emulators, just as in the mobile device. It is commonly known to drain the mobile battery when played on the phone, and hence the option of playing it on PC is very effective. The minimum requirements for using emulators is also low; hence you do not need to worry about compatibility, unlike other common PC games.

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