Top 10 PUBG Facts You Should Know

If you are a game lover, then you must be familiar with PUBG. Even though we have come a long way from just being nomads in the forest fighting constantly to survive, there is a deep-seated desire in all our hearts to go back to those times of fighting and prove our strength. That is why games like PUBG are famous since they offer an avenue to explore and exploit our survival skills online without any real damage to lives and property.

Let us see about top 10 PUBG facts that you must know.

1. You can be banned from PUBG

If you break any of the rules in PUBG, then you are likely to be banned from the game. The ban can be short term or long term depending on the level of mistakes the players make. Long term ban of 100 years results from cheating, hacking and bug abuse. If you are suspected of inappropriate behavior, killing your own team member then you will be banned for a short time like 1 day, 3 days or 5 days.

2. PUBG’s virtual Bandana has become a rare collectible

People are so involved in the game that they like to develop unique personas for their characters in the game. It gives a sense of one’s own self in a game of 100 players and makes one stand out. PUBG items list include a variety of PUBG sets, crates, skin, etc. you can understand its popularity by knowing that gamers have bought 1000$ worth virtual bandana and it has now become a rare collectible. To know more about these rare items and buy them, check PUBG items list for more information.

3. Heal yourselves in the sea

When you are surrounded by your enemies and looking for an escape, feel free to jump into the sea full of water. It will give you some time to recover and hide from your enemies bullets as you are underwater. The water also has healing properties and so you can increase your strength.

4. Map of the fictional island Erangel is based on Chernobyl

Players know that Erangel is a fictional island and an interactive playable map created by PUBG. But did you know that the map itself is based on Chernobyl town, which was home to one of the severe nuclear disasters in the world? Also, Erangel is a combination of the name of Brendan Greene’s daughter Eryn and angel.

5. The real meaning behind WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER

You might be quite familiar with WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER. The motivational phrase which is displayed in the game if you win is dated back to the time of great depression. During the depression period, people used to bet money playing craps in the alley and if they win it meant that they could afford chicken meal that night.

6. PUBG mobile players more than PUBG PC players

The number of players who play the game in their mobile is greater when compared to the number of players who play through their PC’s.


7. No advertisement except in India

PUBG rose to fame without any need to advertise itself and hence did not invest any money for advertisement in other countries. Advertisement for PUBG was shown in Indian televisions making it the only mobile game to be advertised in Indian televisions.

8. PUBG has won several awards!

PUBG has received a lot of awards including,

  • Winner of the best multiplayer game in Game Awards 2017.
  • Winner of the Best Multiplayer Game, PC Game of the Year in 35th Golden Joystick Awards.
  • Winner of the Mobile game of the year in 36th Golden Joystick Awards.
  • Winner of E-sports Game of the Year in SXSW Gaming Awards 2018.

It has also been nominated for several awards besides winning the above.

9. Where does the game get its name from?

We know PUBG is a short form for player unknown’s battlegrounds. But what is its origin? Brendan Greene, the founder of the game was a game enthusiast and used to play under the alias of player unknown. This is how our favorite game got its name.

10. PUBG-A realistic game!

PUBG is based on more facts than you can realize.  Pochinki, the name of a spot well known for its hiding areas in the middle of the Erangel map comes from rural villages of Russia. Another well-known spot, Yasnaya Polyana derives its name from the former house of Leo Tolstoy, the world-famous writer and also the house-museum of a writer.  Rules of gravity apply even to the fictional world of PUBG. The guns operate according to the laws of physics with each of them having their own recoiling and reloading speed. Also, the speed of the bullet slows down after a certain distance.

Hope those facts were interesting to you guys.

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